Minggu, 16 November 2014

How to Make Facebook Status Color Blue

Having a facebook account is fun. We can write whatever we are doing or think about. Many people use the words of ambiguous on their facebook status that many people who leave a comment.

Increasing number commented the facebook play will be more exciting. But for those of you who are getting bored with the view that only stattus black facebook, we have a solution.

Here we will give a trick or a way how to make your facebook status so blue. This method also works in the comments or write on facebook wall when another person.

The trick is to use a formula or syntax@@[1: [0: 1: write your status here]]

Before doing that, of course you already jarus log in first yea ...

You can also do the same to make a comment facebook blue.

In addition to making blue status and comments, there are also ways that your comment does not exist or it is empty comment. The trick of typing code @ [0: 0:] in the comment box.

That was how to create a facebook status you become blue. Hopefully this can make your facebook become more interesting and different from the others.

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